Yoga & Meditation effects on body mind and its benefits


Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj” means ‘union’ of individual consciousness or soul with universal consciousness” or spirit. Practice of yoga harmonize with the system of development of mind , body and spirit, continuation of yoga will bring about a sense of well being . Yoga is a simple process that reverses the ordinary outward flow of energy so that mind becomes a dynamic centre ‘ of perceiving the ” truth ” yoga is not only postures or ashanas or physical exercises as majority of people think. Posture and ananas is the small part of yoga that brings out the infinite potential of human mind and soul. The quickest method of effective approach to the goal of yoga is through methods of meditation that deals directly with energy and consciousness. The most important one is the kriya yoga .

One should practice it in a right way follow the paths of yoga.

Yoga benefits

  • It brings about holistic fitness
  • Helps to loose weight
  • Decreases stresses
  • Makes body stronger to develop a high immune system
  • It helps to develop good posture
  • Increase energy

Yoga not only makes the body stronger and powerful, it’s purifies the body , mind and soul thereby provides joy to all

Yoga is spiritual , mental , physical discipline that helps to maintain peace. Yogas main principle is to acquire healthy body mind and soul. It’s very ancient practice . Yoga is recommended by doctors different paths of yoga that can be utilized by psychologists and psychiatry to heal their patients through various yogic paths. Meditation is a part of yoga however the main focus is on acquiring tranquility of mind is more towards discovering the spirit of animal that resides within human consciousness and how such animals spirit guid to soulful healing . The tools such as music art dance can be used by those involved in yoga and meditation to acquire tranquility as well as mental and physical therapy purpose


Meditation is a part of yoga , usually followed after the ashana or postures . The main principle of meditation is to maintain unity of mind . Meditation is concentration of mind to a particular object so as to divert ones mind or attention from various thoughts running in the mind . Meditation helps to develop the power to control the mind & helps in self realization through concentration. Since meditation is a part of yoga it too does not go against psychological analysis, but provide” meditation ” as a tool to heal its patients . Meditation helps to develop energy , and improves breathing and ease away stress and being relaxed mind , thereby lowering blood pressure. Finally it brings peace to the mind that leads to self realization as Maslow law of basic needs for mankind .

There are different paths of meditation:

  • Mindful meditation
  • Reflective meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Focused meditation
  • Visualization meditation etc

The benefits of meditation:

  • Decrease stress.
  • Through control of breathing it helps to lower the blood pressure and also lower the tension caused by different types of pain such as the migraine headache insomnia ulcers joint pain etc.
  • It also removes irritability and helps improving the mood raises immunity and makes the body more alert and active.
  • It’s also helps to develop morality and ethics.

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