Desire is the fundamental motivation of all human acts, the root cause of existence.

If there is no desire there would be no existence. The same sense is expressed by emotions such as ” craving.” The craving cause sufferings too. Desire is the central force. Therefore the desire should be based to have a higher self. “Self consciousness” is like a paradox as any one can become obsessed and embittered . The eradication of craving leads one to ultimate happiness or nirvana.

Desire for wholesome things is seen overwhelming however desire should be used for the fostering of skillful qualities which give meaning to life and abandoning of unskillful ones. We should try to have a meaningful life with engagements and pleasures. To find a meaningful life is the true goal. All is in the state of mind by controlling the state of mind we can attain the higher self by changing brain circuits as following the rhythm to love and care for each other by comforting with our fears and desire. Maintaining a balanced harmony being stable in every situation in the inner core or the central force been stable and it can be attained by going within thinking inwards . Inward thinking is clear thinking blank from ideas that cause fear or cravings so as we can think better for are present moment we can enjoy the moment live in the moment and live the moment well organized is the key to happy life.
Psychologists say , desires arise from bodily structures and functions. On other hand emotions arise from persons mental state . ”

Desire ” and ” wanting ” are operationally defined as motivational salience, the form of desire or wanting associated with reward stimulus which acts as a positive reinforcer , such as palatable food , an attractive partner , or a addictive drug is called incentive salience and research has demonstrated that incentive salience , the sensation of pleasure and reinforcement are all derived from neuronal activity within the reward system research show that the orbitofrontal cortex has connection to both the opioid and dopamine systems and stimulating this cortex is associated with subjective reports of pleasure.

It’s said that desire is first occurs during g the mirror phase of baby’s development when the baby sees an image of wholeness in the mirror which gives them a desire for being. As the person grows the persons main desire is to become whole or non dual. Referred to a list object or feeling of absence which a person believes to be that can’t be attained .

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