Listening to music optimizes brain function

Ludwig van Beethoven quote:

” Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets , for its knowledge can arise men to the divine . “

” Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend “

Sound of music is food for soul . It makes us feel alive and is a great stress reliever as it works on our brain realizes hormones that give us a kick by calming nervous system and increasing energy levels if Listening to a peppy music one can make you happy a sad music can create emptiness in the heart yet enjoyable creates mood as you like. The rhythmic patterns formed by music and its notes are created by the artist and yet enjoyed by all as a great source of entertainment.

As we are younger we love to listen to music as we get older the taste of music is in our memories. Music can jump time from the history the music notes are linked to people places events in history in our memories . Association between musical training and improved executive function is seen in both children and adults. It enables people to quickly process and retain information , regulate their behavior patterns make good decisions , solve problems plan and adjust to changing mental , environmental and social demands formulating flexibility in the brain .

The biggest comfort in training and listening to music works on brain circuits to relax and calm and form symmetry in the real life with forming notes as a key of architecting the brain to form designs as music notes that is effective and is formed by systemic training and the connectivity to the brain improves the concentration power and awareness of the environment one can attain higher self . Musical training and listening to music could possibly sharpen the brain . It’s a skillful desire which has great effects on body mind.

Brain remains young by listening to music and it is seen that listening to music acts as a diversion to patients with pain to an extend it’s a form of art that helps to connect to the higher self it helps in relieving stress.

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